Banner-Day has extensive experience enhancing the performance of muffin griddles. Enhancements in temperature sensing and burner control provide the baker with the ability to better control griddle temperature while increasing throughput and line speed. The end results are improved product quality (color and texture) and increased product rates.

Banner-Day expands the range of muffin griddles:

  • Improved temperature sensing provides better control of griddle surface temperature.
  • Expanded zone control, if required, up to four zones, 2 top and 2 bottom
  • Delivers vastly improved product color and texture

Integrated Control of the entire line:

  • Control and synchronization of the divider, rounder, proofer in addition to the griddle
  • Humidity and temperature control of proofer
  • Control all ancillary equipment and subsystems along the line:
    • Zigzag Board
    • Flour Dusters
    • Turn Overs
    • Depositors
    • Etc.


SmartBake® represents state of the art Direct Fired Bakery Oven zone burner and temperature control management for industrial and commercial bakery ovens.
Utilizing a DSI ignition system in combination with a PLC SmartBake® advanced oven control systematically and precisely controls specific oven zone temperatures and proactively manages zone heating capacity:

  • Uses Dual Element control parameters
  • Burners are scheduled based on real time oven heating load demand.
  • Maintains effective oven lateral heat distribution and optimum burner efficiency.
  • Oven zone temperatures maintained within ± 2°F of set-point during all load condition (full, empty or partial)
  • Temperature overrides and Flash Heat eliminated.

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Banner-Day (formerly Ray-Banner) Packaged Indirect Fired Burners:

Packaged Burner solutions specifically designed for bakery oven applications include: low fire start, full modulation to off, constant pilot or interrupted pilot, burner-mounted pre-wired electronic controls, spark-ignited gas pilot, combustion air fan and motor, and burner air switch. Burner-mounted UL labeled control panel, includes oven purge timer, temperature control and thermocouple, relays, numbered terminal block, stop-start buttons, safety alarm, pilot lights and voltages to suit. Burner mounted modulating motor wired to control panel. Burners configured for integration with oven control systems. Burner linkages connected at time of shipment.

The following items are shipped loose for field mounting:

Digital temperature controller high & low gas pressure switches, gas pressure regulator pilot, one (1) gas pressure gauge, circulating fan proving switch, burner power transformer, duplicate gas shutoff cocks for main line with one for pilot line, two (2) safety shutoff valves and one (1) normally open vent valve, dead front panel switch.

Optional Equipment:

  • Thermocouple Assembly
  • Thermocouple Lead Wire
  • Oven Supply Duct High Limit Control
  • Remote Oil Pump and Motor
  • Pre-Piped and Wired Gas Train
  • Installation Drawings provided.

Available in oil, gas, and combination burners

SIZE  B.T.U. CAPACITY (x1,000) 
 #1-POGB  500 – 1,200
 #2-POGB  1,800 – 2,500
 #3-POG  2,400 – 4,200

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United States Patent No. 5,649,818


The Banner-Day PIP® Power Interruption Protection System, used in conjunction with the Banner-Day Automatic Ignitor Sensor System, DSI system, allows direct-fired oven burners to automatically re-light without the need to re-purge the oven, in the event of brief electrical power interruptions.


During typical direct fired oven operation, when an electrical power failure occurs, all the gas safety shutoff valves close.



A direct fired oven equipped with a DSI System and the Banner-Day PIP® Power Interruption Protection System option would not require the oven to be re-purged, provided the power is restored in less than 15 seconds. The patented Banner-Day PIP® Power Interruption Protection System allows the main gas safety shutoff valves and each burner solenoid valve(s) to close for the duration of the power outage. Upon the restoration of power, the exhaust fan and combustion blower will re-start, the main gas safety shutoff valves will open and the DSI System will automatically re-light each burner. The Banner-Day PIP® Power Interruption Protection System meets all OSHA and NFPA 86 requirements.

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