The Banner-Day externally mounted Safe-DD® dual electric disconnect is a compact panel containing two fused disconnects (primary and lighting), a control transformer and appropriately sized fusing. The main disconnect is responsible for feeding the primary power to the main control panel. The secondary lighting disconnect, wired in parallel to the main disconnect, provides power to the lighting circuit. This parallel wiring is designed specifically so the main power may be locked out separately, while maintaining an active lighting circuit. The lighting circuit is intended to power various lighting sources (both inside the main panel and on the machine) and allow the PLC and HMI touchscreen devices to remain active. This capability can be especially useful during machine installation/startup/commissioning and during diagnostic troubleshooting and repair when modifications are made, as it allows the machine to be mechanically/electrically worked on in a safe manner while still allowing the debug of the PLC/HMI software and control circuits.

Also available as an option is a through-panel voltage verification system. This provides a visual indication of the power on/off state of the main disconnect, as well as providing non-contact voltage test points (one per phase).

Safe DD® Benefits

  • Main panel space savings
  • Arc flash hazard reduction
  • Maintenance convenience and time savings
  • Mounting and orientation options available




Banner-Day, a leader in oven performance optimization, developed Far Side Sensing®, which provides reliable flame detection on ribbon burners at the end of the burner opposite the ignition source.


As the next step in flame detection, Far Side Sensing® complies with regulations in locations that require opposite side flame sensing, such as Canada, Europe and other markets.

The value of this feature for bakers in locations requiring opposite side flame sensing is that they can now fulfill this regulatory requirement and implement long desired improved temperature control and lateral heat provisions in their ovens. This is an important advancement as it enables bakers in Canada, Europe and other markets to upgrade their existing ovens to meet CSA Code B149.3-00 Section A.4.6.12(a), and clears the way for implementation of oven automation measures to improve their bake productivity.

Banner-Day anticipates similar regulatory opposite side sensing requirements to be imposed on the U.S. market in the future. Banner-Day is uniquely positioned to provide an advanced solution to meet these expected U.S. market regulations when imposed.

Far Side Sensing® is a versatile burner enhancement with a robust design that can be incorporated into both OEM ovens and upgrade installations with existing or planned DSI systems and oven automation projects.

• A DSI system is a prerequisite to the installation of Far Side Sensing®
• Requires no additional oven modification when replacing or upgrading existing burners
• Easy to install

Burner Description (Typical 13’ - 4” Ribbon Burner):

Typical burner divided into three zones:

13c Pictoral Burner Side View w Ignitor  Remote Sense

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Automatic Ignitor Sensor System
Basic System Model S6E

SmartBake® S6E


The heart of the system is the SmartBake® ISPU-3 solid-state module that provides the high voltage spark to ignite and monitor a direct-fired oven burner. A small electric current flows from the ignitor to the burner, when the burner is lit. The ISPU-3 generates and monitors this electric current. The presence of electric current indicates burner flame is present. The ISPU-3 module keeps the burner solenoid fuel valve open as long as the burner flame is present. Should the burner flame fail, the ISPU-3 module reinitiates the high voltage ignition spark for approximately 10-seconds. If the burner flame is not reestablished at the conclusion of the 10-second period, the ISPU-3 module closes the solenoid fuel valves, shutting off gas to the burner. Coinciding with a flame failure of the burner the two color LED on the SmartBake® S6E unit turns red, indicating that the burner is down on safety lockout and is not functioning properly. In order to reset the ISPU-3 module and burner, the switch located on the SmartBake® S6E unit must be turned to the reset position for approximately 10 seconds and then turned on again to re-ignite the burner. If the burner fails to re-ignite, it should be inspected to determine the reason for the malfunction. When the LED turns green, this indicates that the burner is turned on and firing properly. In addition, the S6E unit comes equipped with a 24 VAC input port to allow maintenance personnel to test the burner operation.

Equipment Furnished:

  • Mounting Plate
  • ISPU-3 Assembly
  • Terminal strip, two color LED indicator, on-reset-test switch, and 24 VAC test port
  • Ignition Cable and Connections
  • Solenoid Valve(s)

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Description: The SmartBake® modular zone system provides the baker with precision burner and zone temperature control that you’ve come to expect from Banner-Day, all in a package that’s easy to install and maintain and can be installed in a phased manner. A central oven PLC is not needed, saving the expense, space and effort, especially in today’s tight capital budget environment.

The SmartBake® approach is future proof, designed for integration at any time with a central PLC. Compatibility is nearly universal, with built-in communications capabilities that cover the majority of PLC systems, with many communications options available.

The standard SmartBake® zone panel is purposely sized to cover the vast majority of direct fired ovens in today’s marketplace, with expansion capabilities to cover any situation.

In all, SmartBake® is the ideal tool to start building a premier oven control system, provide precision control to an existing system and minimize downtime requirements when installing a Banner-Day TOC® system.


Modular System

  • Precise temperature control
  • Reliable operation
  • Maintenance friendly

Precision Oven Control

  • Effectively manage zone heating capacity via SmartBake’s proactive burner staging control strategy
  • Prevent temperature override
  • Maintain +/-2°F Temperature

Simple Rapid Installation

  • Phase in oven control
  • Affordable upgrade for DSI
  • No downtime

Reduce Risk

First Step to TOC® Total Oven Control




Stand-Alone Operation:

While designed for stand-alone operation, SmartBake® zone panels are capable of integration into a complete system without ANY changes to their configuration other than the installation of a communications cable. Flexibly designed, SmartBake® can be:

  • Integrated with a central PLC of an overall system and installed at the same time (as with a complete TOC® package).
  • Installed with a plan to integrate with a future central PLC when budgets and time permit.
  • Integrated into an existing PLC.

An Intelligent Way to Bake®!

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