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Bakers are continually trying to improve their oven operations, efficiency and maintenance efforts.
To do this, bakers frequently call on their trusted vendors to assist with the efforts and very often this requires a visit to the bakery that takes time and added cost to the bakery and oven operations.

With the introduction of SmartBake® Remote Access the baker is enabled with an enhanced relationship with Banner-Day that in a more timely and cost effective manner can address oven operation questions or concerns.

Central Control

SmartBake® Remote Access when installed on the baker’s oven offers central management control for all devices for all lines that are connected into the SmartBake® Remote Access System. In addition to providing secure external access by Banner-Day it also provides authorized users access to get information from the equipment such as production data and process information. This system is relatively easy to install on established ovens or at the time an oven is being upgraded. SmartBake® Remote Access uses sophisticated security protocols to protect data and ensure authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of the baker’s operational data.


Thoughtfully developed, the SmartBake® Remote Access System’s connections are made toward the portal, never from the portal, which ensures that phishing websites or malicious hackers cannot infiltrate your network. Data transfer is encoded based on OpenVPN, the current standard for secure data transfer. For added security, the connection can be managed via:

                                    • Wired Input
                                    • Power Switch
                                    • Password
                                    • All of the Above




Remote Maintenance

Making it easy for the baker, they can remotely connect to the following devices:

                                  • PLC
                                  • HMI
                                  • VFD's
                                  • SmartBake®
                                  • Any Ethernet TCP/IP connected device

With these capabilities the baker can now improve the efficiency and overall oven operation performance of the integrated oven lines and related machines. Oven operators can now access status and productivity data/trends without being local at the oven making their jobs easier and more effective.

Connect equipment to the internet via hardline or wireless. Once connected, data can be collected and shared.



In addition to making it better for the oven operators and maintenance, the SmartBake® Remote Access System provides access by the manufacturer’s oven service personnel in an easy, timely and effective manner. This can be particularly important during unscheduled downtimes when a diagnosis is needed.


SmartBake® Remote Access is easy to install, uses current standard for secure data transfer which provides the baker with the capability to improve oven efficiency and overall oven operation performance of the integrated oven lines and related machines.

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Value of an integrated production line control system.

Banner-Day Capabilities:

  • Integrated productions
  • Different levels of integration?
  • Control platforms
  • Single point responsibility

Control of the entire line as well as temperature control:

  • Integrated control and synchronization of the divider, rounder, proofer as well as the griddle.
  • Proofer humidity and temperature control
  • Control ancillary equipment front to back of line.

One of the supplemental processes to bread and roll baking is steaming in the ovens. Historically, this has been more of an art than a science and over the years techniques for using steam in the baking process have been passed on from baker to baker.

Why Steam?

Steam is generally used by the baker to provide a glossy surface to the crust and to avoid cracking the crust during the bake.

Important quality considerations for the baker, gloss and cracking are contingent on ingredients and recipe used combined with effective oven operation balanced with appropriate amounts and consistency of steam.

Types of Steam:

Bakers refer to steam used in the bakery in a wide variety of ways including – wet, dry, soft, hard and more. There are, however, two distinctly different steams produced in boilers:

  • Dry Saturated Steam – steam at the temperature of the boiling point of water corresponding to its pressure (212°F @ 0 psig; 240°F @ 10 psig) and does not contain water held in suspension mechanically.
  • Super Heated Steam – steam heated to a temperature higher than the boiling point corresponding to its pressure (250°F steam @ 10 psig equals a 240°F boiling point plus 10°F of superheat). Super heated steam can not exist in contact with water, nor contain water and resembles a perfect gas.

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Technical Briefs

Founded in 1949 by Joseph M. Day P.E., the roots of the company are in the baking industry. Mr. Day gained extensive background in the baking industry through education at the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago (forerunner of AIB) and as a project engineer with Baker Perkins (Saginaw, Michigan) and chief engineer with AMF’s, Oven Division locate then in New Haven, CT.

As with most entrepreneurs, this knowledge and experience formed the basis of the company. From this foundation Banner-Day grew as a specialist in automatic gas and oil combustion and control systems, focused primarily in bakery applications. In the late 1970s, Banner-Day developed the application of solid-state ignition/flame rectification modules on direct-fired gas ovens. This work resulted in what is known today as "direct spark ignition" or DSI. DSI systems are the root of all modern day oven automation systems and are required by today’s regulations and codes. With this experience and history Banner-Day is the industry leader in application of DSI systems and fully automated oven control systems for bakery ovens.

The Banner-Day team is focused on the needs of the baker, continually doing research and development work to improve oven performance, flexibility and safety to enhance product quality while reducing operational costs.

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THERMOCOUPLES & RTD’S: Banner-Day, Barber-Colman, Watlow
HI-TEMPERATURE LIMITS: Burling (Mechanical), Partlow, Honeywell, Red Lion, Future Design
IGNITION TRANSFORMERS: Dongan, France, Webster
TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERS: Partlow, Honeywell, Red Lion, Future Design
FLAME SAFETIES: Banner-Day, Fireye, Honeywell
CIRCULATING FANS: New York Blower, American Standard, North American, Chicago Blower
PRE-PIPED GAS TRAINS: • Pipe Sizes - 3/4” and Larger Multiple Configurations and Options Available Standard and Power Interruption Protection; PIP®  
GAS & OIL VALVES: Honeywell, ASCO, Maxon, Eclipse
AIR/GAS COCKS (2-WAY/4-WAY): Pyronics, Eclipse
BUTTERFLY VALVES: Eclipse, Honeywell, Pyronics
MODULATING MOTORS: Honeywell, Barber-Colman
GAS PRESSURE & ZERO REGULATORS: Sensus, Maxitrol, Pyronics, Eclipse, Fischer, Dungs
PRESSURE SWITCHES (AIR/GAS): • Non-Mercury Honeywell, Dwyer, Antunes, Dungs
IGNITION ELECTRODES: Banner-Day, Crown, Ray, Ensign, Flynn
INDIRECT FIRED BURNERS (GAS/OIL): • Parts Inventory Ray, Power Flame, Maxon, Eclipse
RIBBON & BAND OVEN BURNERS: Banner-Day, Ensign, Flynn
AIR/GAS MIXERS (INSPIRATORS): Ensign, Pyronics, Flynn
COMBUSTION BLOWERS: New York Blower, Pyronics, Eclipse, North American, Spencer
HOSES (FLEXIBLE): • Stainless Steel, Brass, Plastic Dormont, T & B
ELECTRIC IMPEDANCE PIPE HEATING: • Carbon Steel, Galvanized, Stainless Steel & Exotic Materials • Temperature range Freeze protection to 1400°F plus • Even Temperature Control – No Hot Spots • Essential For Temperature Sensitive Products Banner-Day
TANK HEATING: • Vertical or Horizontal Tanks • Low Watt Density (3-10 Watts/Sq. In.) • Precise Temperature Control • New and Retrofit Applications Banner Lo-Watt
SERVICES: OSHA Inspections, Mechanical and Electrical Inspections, Assessments, Burner Test Lab, Oven Rebuild & Relocation, Field Service, Start Up Service, Burner Rebuilding & Repair, Engineering & Design, Control Upgrades, Oven performance troubleshooting  

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