Banner-Day Bakery Solutions
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Bakeries, as is the case with other industries, are concerned with their labor costs. There is a consistent drive to modernize and automate their baking facilities. This puts bakers in a dilemma, where automation reduces the need for human resources but also demands higher skills. As a result, bakers want to retain their experienced people.

Banner-Day is keenly aware of this concern and has designed their system to be easy to use (user friendly), optimizing associates’ effectiveness and therefore their value to the company. This highlights the lengths to which Banner-Day has gone to understand the bakers’ needs and effectively utilize its design, engineering and project management staff to respond to the varying conditions faced by bakers on the bakery floor.

Banner-Day understands processes and engineers equipment and systems to optimize results. This is critical in reducing the total cost of ownership and providing the opportunity to reduce product and operating costs. Rushing the design and engineering stages of the project can adversely affect the installation and, ultimately, the success of the project, which in turn affects revenue and profitability.

5b-Overview 22“User-friendly controls make it easy to access burner information and oven systems status which facilitates time-saving proactive maintenance.”

SmartBake® An Intelligent Way to Bake®!

Ovens with “constant spark” ignition systems require manual shutoff of the gas cock at each individual burner prior to purge, and manual opening of the same cocks to light the oven following purge. Further, each individual burner must be visually checked to confirm that the burner is lit. Banner-Day’s SmartBake® system automates oven ignition and significantly reduces operator labor required to light and monitor the oven. Oven burner status can be verified at the SmartBake® system HMI touch screen.

Banner-Day provides reliability

Banner-Day equipment is designed and tested for reliability. Some examples:

  • B-D SmartBake “rectification ignitor” eliminates time consuming and ongoing burner ignitor adjustment maintenance.
  • “Test” position of B-D spark ignition module allows independent burner adjustment while the oven is in operation.
5d-Rec Ignitor2

Power Interruption Protection System (PIP®)

Banner-Day’s patented Power Interruption Protection System (PIP®) – eliminates the requirement to repurge an oven after power outages of short duration (less than 15 seconds). When power is interrupted all gas valves immediately close; if power is restored within approximately 15 seconds and after the main drive restarts, the PIP® system allows the oven to automatically re-light. This feature salvages product in the oven and proofer, maintains line throughput, eliminating the inherent scrap associated with a prolonged production delays due to re-purging the oven. Also, labor required to relight the oven is eliminated.

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