Banner-Day Bakery Solutions


 The Banner-Day Total Oven Control (TOC™) System, which includes such features as “recipe control,” “tray skipping” and panel zone switches, provides for energy conscious oven operation.

 With the cost of fuel on the increase, many bakers are finding it beneficial to install gas meters on individual pieces of equipment, instead of just having one master plant-wide meter. This enables them to determine precisely how the fuel is being used and where efficiencies can be gained by making equipment and/or process changes.

 Historically energy, was not a major cost factor and waste heat recovery did not produce an attractive ROI. However, going forward, energy costs are rising; environmental awareness is increasing; and with this comes increased accountability with possible energy allocation. This potential reality should be shared with your employees.

 For many of us, when the question of sustainability arises, the primary question is what are we doing that is sustainable and what are the implications long term? And are we doing anything about it? When considered on a global scale the answer is probably no. That being said, it then all comes down to the company’s and their employee’s attitude and stewardship. And in the end that just becomes good business.