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Operating Performance

While the entire baking process is required to produce today’s quality products, the oven is arguably the heart of your bakery line. Yet, for various reasons, many ovens are operating with 40 to 50 year old technology. You are doing the best you can; but even with diligent maintenance, you are unable to meet your current baking standards of production rate and quality, with minimum downtime. Is it time to consider investing in new automated oven controls and other related equipment upgrades?

Banner-Day has published numerous articles on a variety of aspects of oven operation and performance.  Over time we have seen a variety of situations that bakers are presented.  In this article, we are focusing on a device that is on virtually every baking oven and is handled differently by each baker – combustion air filters.

As we have highlighted in previous articles, the world of the baker has changed dramatically over the years.  From what was generally baking a single recipe (white bread) 24/7, has changed to a variety of recipes driven by the changing demands of the consumer, a highly competitive market, and increasing cost/profitability pressures.

In Part 1, we highlighted that typically bakeries measure the temperature of product as it exits the oven. However, all factors shared in Part 1 are important in producing optimum bread quality and in that exhibit (reproduced here), we showed the importance of the correct profile shape and its relationship to quality.

In some corners of the baking industry, moles may not have the best reputation. However, reality suggests they can be very useful and valuable when used correctly, and regularly, as a measurement tool integrated into the operation of the baking process.