Banner-Day Bakery Solutions

Rectification Ignitor

When it comes to the bakery oven, there are many perspectives and opinions.  One that we often hear is reflected in this quote: "My most hated job is working with oven ignitors, must adjust often and relight many times".  For the maintenance team, managing the ignitors is often perceived as the worst job in the bakery and least rewarding. So why is that and what can be done about it?

This Stainless Steel Rectification Ignitor/Sensor is specifically designed to provide highly reliable burner ignition and flame sensing when used in a Conveyor type oven. 

Banner-Day, a leader in oven performance optimization and combustion technology developed the SmartBake® light/sense ignitor to provide highly reliable burner ignition and flame detection on ribbon burners used in conveyor ovens. 

Historically, direct fired gas tunnel and tray ovens were designed to use constant spark ignition (CSI) systems that used flag ignitors. In the mid‐80’s it became apparent to Banner‐Day that flag type ignitors were not adequate, particularly as bakers considered the application of more advanced direct spark ignition (DSI) technology for their ovens.