Banner-Day Pipe Heating

Storage Tanks

Storage tanks can be heated by several means, including TraceFREE® electric impedance heating and several other technologies. The tank heating technology selected for a given application is dependent on the product or material being heated, temperature requirements, tank design, and system and plant layout. Banner-Day will assist you with selecting a tank heating system to best meet your application needs.

3a-adjustable-image002Banner-Day Adjustable Tank Hotwell

The Adjustable Hotwell is used in conjunction with a TraceFREE® impedance pipe heating system to heat a storage tank with an external tank heating source. Designed for use in systems that utilize continuous flow through a return line, these systems are easier to install in the tank than an internal tank heating systems.

Automatic Tank Heating & Control Package

The Automatic Tank Heating and Control Package is a stand-alone tank heating system. Excellent for maintaining precise temperatures in any size tank, the system does not require a return flow or pipe heating system. This system can be designed with a wide range of watt densities to heat even the most temperature sensitive materials.


Banner-Day systems maintain or raise the temperature of storage tank materials while providing precise temperature control utilizing watt densities as low as 3 watts/square inch over a large heating surface. The system is ideal for temperature sensitive materials. Higher or lower watt densities are achievable when needed for other materials.

Automatic Tank Heating and Control Packages are designed for your specific application and are ready for installation when delivered. High quality components and rugged construction provide long term, low maintenance, reliable service.

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