Banner-Day Pipe Heating


Typically people consider using electric impedance pipe heating (IPH) for fluids and oftentimes that is their first application. However, electric impedance pipe heating is not limited to fluids — it can be used effectively to heat gas and vapor phase products as well. 

Recently, LDM Foods completed construction of a new canola crushing and oil refining plant at the heart of Canada’s canola growing region in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. 

For over two centuries, DuPont has put science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. Often DuPont looks to outside vendors for creative design solutions to support their processes. In this case, they called on Banner-Day to assist with process piping temperature maintenance in the form of impedance pipe heating. 

Impedance pipe heating. By now, those words probably conjure an image of long delivery lines: a stainless tubing line in a food plant, or a carbon steel line in a production facility. In either case, just a simple delivery line, taking product from a tank or storage area to a use point. Is this the only place to use impedance? Is it relegated to fixed delivery lines and nothing else? Of course not! While it is a simple, and effective method of heating pipe, it can also be a flexible one. 

Various types of pipe heating technologies are regularly employed in countless process pipe heating applications throughout industry. However, when processes involving temperature sensitive products require pipe heating, many pipe heating technologies are not up to the challenge. Too often the pipe heating technologies utilized do not provide the needed heating performance to successfully achieve the process requirements.