Banner-Day Bakery Solutions

Saginaw, Michigan, April 28, 2009: In 2001, the American Society of Baking initiated a program that is designed to recognize individuals who have dedicated their careers to the baking industry.

Engineers who have demonstrated a high degree of proficiency within the industry through career advancement, and who have continued to educate and develop themselves and others through a continuous education process are eligible for this outstanding recognition.

The three designations available are; Professional Baker (ASBPB), Professional Bakery Engineer (ASBPBE) and Professional Supplier (ASBPS).

At the recent conference of the American Society of Baking James Glidden of Traverse City and employed by Banner-Day of Saginaw Michigan was honored by ASB with the societies prestigious designation and certification as Professional Bakery Engineer.

Jim attended Ferris State College and Northwestern Michigan College where he was a graduate. He served in the United States Air Force as Staff Sergeant and was employed by Sara Lee prior to joining Banner-Day. Jim has over 37 years experience in the baking industry and has contributed the success and growth of Banner-Day. In his current position he is responsible for supervising engineering design, new product development/testing and manufacturing. In addition, he supervises the primary interaction with vendors and customers as well as is site supervisor for all automation control systems installations conducted with Banner-Day customers.

Jim has been a member of ASB since 2003.

He received a plaque and pin from the American Society of Baking Executive Board for his accomplishments in this program and in this industry.

Banner-Day is the oven automation and optimization specialist serving the large scale commercial baking industry. They combine over 80 years of design, engineering and project management experience with an intimate knowledge of internal workings of bakery ovens and processes. Banner-Day understands the unique environment of baking where bakers demand precisely controlled oven temperatures and consistency throughout the bake.