SmartBake® Rectification Ignitors:

Rec Ignitor

The SmartBake® rectification ignitor is designed to provide highly reliable ribbon burner ignition when used with a DSI system on both existing and new direct fired ovens. It is simple to install and adjust. Your (Ignitor?) settings and positioning are maintained through all oven operating conditions.

The rectification ignitor is constructed to spark to itself, direct fuel to the burner’s ignition point and facilitates rectification burner flame status monitoring. The SmartBake® rectification ignitor’s design allows independent adjustment of the ignition spark gap and provides a favorable flame rectification environment through all burner firing rates.

Rec Ignitor

Benefits and Features:

  • Easy to view and adjust ignitor positioning and spark
  • Less susceptible to graphite lubrication contamination
  • Gimbaled mounting fixture maintains burner ignitor spacing as the burner bows with heat
  • Long service life ignitor material
  • Constructed to allow ignitor assembly thermal expansion and contraction
  • Standard Rajah ignition cable connectors
  • Fits most oven ribbon burner application
  • Fits all traditional Baker-Perkins and APV style head plates
  • Fits left- or right-hand ovens

SmartBake® Burner Ignition and Flame Sensing for Conveyor Ovens

Rec Ignitor

SmartBake® Conveyor Oven Igniters and Flame Sensors are a versatile conveyor oven burner enhancement with a robust design that can be incorporated into both OEM and retrofit applications.

SmartBake® Conveyor Oven Igniters and Flame Sensors comply with NFPA regulations here in the United States and regulations in locations that require opposite side flame sensing such as Canada, Mexico, Europe and other markets.

Rec Ignitor
  • Easy to install
  • Low height profile
  • Provides highly reliable burner ignition & flame detection on conveyor oven ribbon burners
  • Rugged construction
  • Fits most conveyor oven applications

Also Available for Tray, Tunnel, Muffin Griddles and Other Ovens

Bent Rod Ignitor


Flag Igniters: (for constant spark systems)


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SmartBake® S6E

The SmartBake® S6E solid-state ignition module provides a high voltage spark to ignite and then monitors oven direct-fired ribbon burners utilizing flame rectification technology. Features of the SmartBake® S6E module include:

  • Burner Ignition and Flame Monitoring
  • Controls Burner Solenoid Gas Valve(s)
  • 10 sec. Flame Fail Response Time
  • One Automatic Burner Relight Attempt
  • On / Off / Test – Reset Switch
  • Dual Color LED Indicates “Burner On” (GREEN) / “Burner Flame Failure” (RED)
  • Integral ISPU-3 Assembly with Detachable Wiring Connector & Diagnostic Monitoring LED
  • Terminal Strip with Finger Safe, Box Lug Connections
  • Rajah High Voltage Ignition Connector
  • 24V AC Maintenance Test Port; Enables Local Burner Control and Testing
  • Use Class C, Type 3B Suppression Ignition Cable
  • Enclosed (Dust Protection) and Open (Integral Mounting Plate) Versions Available.

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Banner-Day has extensive experience enhancing the performance of muffin griddles. Enhancements in temperature sensing and burner control provide the baker with the ability to better control griddle temperature while increasing throughput and line speed. The end results are improved product quality (color and texture) and increased product rates.

Banner-Day Expands the Range of Muffin Griddles:

  • Improved temperature sensing provides better control of griddle surface temperature.
  • Expanded zone control, if required, up to four zones, 2 top and 2 bottom.
  • Delivers vastly improved product color and texture.

Integrated Control of the Entire Line:

  • Control and synchronization of the divider, rounder, proofer in addition to the griddle
  • Humidity and temperature control of proofer
  • Control all ancillary equipment and subsystems along the line:
    • Zigzag Board
    • Flour Dusters
    • Turn Overs
    • Depositors
    • Etc.

Muffin Griddle Combined 2


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Features Benefits
  • Standalone Zone Control
  • Modular Design
  • Standard Up To 16 Burners
  • Expandable To 32 Burners In One Unit
  • Burner Staging To Suit Load
  • Remote Monitoring Functions
  • Eliminates Temperature Override & Flash Heat
  • Facilitates Product Changeover
  • Consistent Bake Quality
  • Ease Of Installation
  • Expandable (1 Zone At A Time)
  • Can Be Integrated Into TOC At A Later Date

SmartBake® represents state of the art Direct Fired Bakery Oven zone burner and temperature control management for industrial and commercial bakery ovens.

Utilizing a DSI ignition system in combination with a PLC SmartBake® advanced oven control systematically and precisely controls specific oven zone temperatures and proactively manages zone heating capacity:

  • Uses Dual Element control parameters
  • Burners are scheduled based on real time oven heating load demand.
  • Maintains effective oven lateral heat distribution and optimum burner efficiency.
  • Oven zone temperatures maintained within ± 2°F of set-point during all load condition (full, empty or partial)
  • Temperature overrides and Flash Heat eliminated.

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