Banner-Day teams with their customers to address the growing concern of energy consumption and increased pressure to reduce emissions. By upgrading oven systems, a bakery can improve its processes and lower its energy consumption while reducing its emissions.

Banner-Day’s solutions deliver improved bake quality while lowering energy consumption and reducing emissions. The ultimate impact is improved overall oven performance. Our solutions ensure that Bakers gain a financial and competitive advantage while reducing their “carbon footprint” and positioning them as sustainable corporate citizens.

Banner-Day’s overall performance with energy reduction has been an estimated 22%, which is a significant impact, while maintaining or improving product quality. Recent installations suggest that even greater reductions are available. Here’s what it could mean to you.

If you are concerned with your energy consumption and reducing emissions, the following is a sampling of the ways Banner-Day can help improve your oven’s performance:

  • Shut off gas flow to any burner that fails to light or stay lit.
  • Saves electrical energy by shutting off the ignition spark once the burner is lit.
  • Provides precise temperature control (± 2° F) under all modes of oven operation; full or empty.
  • Eliminates nuisance shutdowns from power outages of short duration (up to 15 seconds). Energy and product are saved by the elimination of unnecessary oven re-purge.
  • Minimizes product change over time.

These are just a few of the ways Banner-Day can help improve your oven’s performance. For a complete assessment and recommendations contact Banner-Day today!
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Are you concerned with your oven’s deficient and outdated safety controls or frustrated with your oven’s baking performance?

Banner-Day provides oven control solutions for…

  • Safety - OSHA & NFPA86 Compliance
  • Advanced Burner Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) Systems
  • Precise Zone Temperature Control (± 2°F)
    • Proactive Burner Management
    • Eliminate Flash Heat
  • Product Recipe Management
    • Reduce Product Change Over Time
    • Simplify Operation
  • PIP® Power Interruption Protection
    • Up to 15 seconds
    • Eliminate Nuisance Oven Re-Purge and Associated Product Loss

Banner-Day provides comprehensive oven services for…

  • Tunnel / Tray / Band / Conveyor / Muffin Griddles
  • Custom Engineered Solutions
    • New / Upgrade / Retrofit
    • Turnkey Installations
  • Oven Steam Condition Systems
  • Performance Assessments & Inspections
  • Field Services & Support
  • Training

One critical focus is quality. Banner-Day is aware of and sensitive to the customer’s constant concerns with maintaining the consistent quality of their baked goods. This becomes even more important when upgrades and changes are being made to the process.

Banner-Day is dedicated to advancing oven performance by:

  • Improving Quality
  • Increasing Control
  • Improving Productivity
  • Lowering Energy Use
  • Reducing Emissions

Fundamental to successful projects with Banner-Day are pre-engineering and understanding the bakery’s corporate operational goals and plant needs. Banner-Day will get to the root causes that affect a bakery’s oven performance by exploring the processes and other systems upstream and downstream the oven. For more information, contact us.


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Bakers that are challenged with ovens that bake poorly, are unreliable, inefficient, unsafe and waste energy will find that Banner-Day has the solutions for the baker to:


Banner-Day is a specialist in oven performance, combustion, automation and control systems for the baking industry and understands and appreciates the unique circumstances associated with baking.

Unique Circumstances

It is this unique circumstance that demands flexible, tight and precisely controlled oven temperatures, reliability as well as consistency throughout the baking process.

Bakers Goals 3