Banner-Day provides gas trains for oven applications, semi-automatic and automatic, compliant with NFPA-86 and other applicable codes. Gas trains are engineered to accommodate your specific oven heating capacity, available gas pressures and safety requirements. The gas trains are available pre-piped, wired and tested; or as components for field assembly. Drawings are provided for installation and documentation.

Banner Day oven gas trains integrate with the Banner-Day PIP® Power Interruption Protection system when applied in conjunction with an oven’s DSI system.

Gas Train Includes:

  • Automatic or latch type gas safety shutoff valves and actuators with auxiliary switch(s)
  • Normally-open vent valve
  • Supervised OSHA vent valve shut-off cock
  • Valve Proving System (optional – alternate to normally-open vent valve)
  • High gas pressures switch manual reset (non-mercury)
  • Low gas pressure switch auto reset (non-mercury)
  • Main gas cock, full port ball type with lockout attachment
  • Service cock, full port ball type
  • Gas pressure gauge(s)
  • OSHA test cocks
  • Main gas pressure regulator (optional)
  • Gas line filter
  • Gas Meter with remote readout (optional )
  • Pre-Piped, Wired and Tested (optional)
  • Gas train schematic piping assembly drawing
  • Gas train schematic wiring diagram

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Banner-Day has experience and is familiar with analog and digital controller applications and obsolete controller replacements. Banner-Day can provide assistance and technical support for migration from obsolete controllers to current controllers for your specific process application.


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PLC Control

Banner-Day Panels are UL Listed

The PLC has become the cornerstone of the effort to maintain competitiveness in the bakery marketplace. Banner-Day has taken its engineering expertise in bakery systems and combined it with years of experience in machine automation to provide customers with a full range of PLC-based operation solutions.

23c-IMG 0483Simplicity with Advanced Control

The modern industrial PLC with HMI touchscreen interface provides operational flexibility and control that is unattainable with traditional relay logic controls.

Banner-Day PLC systems provide:

  • Customized control solutions for your specific application process(s)
  • Process network integration
  • Industry standard control components
  • Customized HMI touchscreens reflecting your system(s)
  • All Banner-Day control panels are UL-508A Listed
  • Control panels for:
    • Ovens
    • Griddles
    • Proofers
    • Conveyors
    • And more!

Ease of Process Management and Maintenance

PLC-controlled baking processes benefit from easily-accessible stored product recipes and implementation of product change-over using via the HMI touch screen interface.
Maintenance is improved by the PLC's capability to monitor and diagnose problems so that predictive maintenance can be performed minimizing process downtimes and loss of product.
Advanced process diagnostic tools can include process parameter trending and alarm histories.

PLC control upgrades are available to replace old and antiquated system control panels.

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Control Panels
Control Panels

Burners are high capacity ribbon burners utilizing natural, propane, or manufactured gasses. Burners are available in various lengths and ribbon configurations with capacities from 200 to 3,000 BTUs per inch of burner flame space.

In addition to standard ribbon burners, multi-zone burners feature a manifold assembly that enables you to adjust and balance the lateral heat across the oven zone.

Complete burner assembly can include the following:

  • Heavy pipe ribbon burner
  • Multi-zone Lateral Heat Adjustment Assembly
  • Burner Head plate assembly with:
    • Igniter locking collar
    • Flame observation port
    • Headplate gasket
  • Air/gas mixer
  • 2-Way Orifice Cock
  • Burner mounted igniter “S” bracket
  • Igniter
  • Drip shield(s)

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