Improving Oven Safety & Performance with SmartBake® Oven Controls

Banner-Day is a specialist in oven performance, combustion, automation and SmartBake® control systems for the baking industry. Grounded in combustion engineering and design, with over 120 years of combined engineering and design experience, Banner-Day possesses an intimate knowledge of the complete workings of bakery ovens and the baking process.

Bakers that are frustrated with ovens that bake poorly, are unreliable, inefficient, unsafe and waste energy will find that Banner-Day can help improve oven performance through oven assessment and recommendations that can include oven repair, implementing an oven automating oven control solution, that will increase oven productivity and safety while reducing energy consumption and emissions. Banner-Day understands and appreciates the unique environment associated with baking, where bakers are dealing with dynamic fresh products and have limited opportunity to produce and maintain inventory. It is this unique circumstance that demands flexible, tight and precisely controlled oven temperatures, reliability as well as consistency throughout the baking process.