Banner-Day Provides Improved Operating Costs

  • Minimize Maintenance Time and Therefore Costs
    • Minimizes product change over time
    • Eliminates nuisance shutdowns from power outages of short duration (up to 15 seconds)

  • Reduce Gas Consumption
    • Shut off gas flow to any burner that fails to light or stay lit.
    • Minimize Fuel Usage
      • Estimated Reduction of 5 to 25%
      • Reduce Emissions

  • Minimize Product Scrap and Waste
    • Energy and product are saved by the elimination of unnecessary oven re-purge.
    • Provides heat flux and precise temperature control (± 2° F) under all modes of oven operation; full or empty.
    • Reduce Stand-by Loses

  • Minimize Unproductive Labor During Down Time

  • Minimize Unproductive Labor During Changeover


Solutions for Minimum Operating Costs

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