Banner-Day Bakery Solutions
Features Benefits

Minimize Arc Flash Rating

  • Typically Arc Flash Hazard Rating of Zero
Allows access to enclosure
  • Low voltage controls powered
  • Three Phase Isolated
  • Typically Minimal PPE
  • Voltage verification device
  • Safe troubleshooting
  • Main Panel Space Savings
  • Arc Flash Hazard Reduction
  • Maintenance convenience
  • Maintenance Time Savings
  • Retrofit To Existing Pane

The Banner-Day externally mounted Safe-DD dual electric disconnect is a compact panel containing two fused disconnects (primary and lighting), a control transformer and appropriately sized fusing. The main disconnect is responsible for feeding the primary power to the main control panel. The secondary lighting disconnect, wired in parallel to the main disconnect, provides power to the lighting circuit. This parallel wiring is designed specifically so the main power may be locked out separately, while maintaining an active lighting circuit. The lighting circuit is intended to power various lighting sources (both inside the main panel and on the machine) and allow the PLC and HMI touchscreen devices to remain active. This capability can be especially useful during machine installation/startup/commissioning and during diagnostic troubleshooting and repair when modifications are made, as it allows the machine to be mechanically/electrically worked on in a safe manner while still allowing the debug of the PLC/HMI software and control circuits.

Also available as an option is a through-panel voltage verification system. This provides a visual indication of the power on/off state of the main disconnect, as well as providing non-contact voltage test points (one per phase).

Safe DD® Benefits

  • Main panel space savings
  • Arc flash hazard reduction
  • Maintenance convenience and time savings
  • Mounting and orientation options available


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