Banner-Day Bakery Solutions

Banner-Day provides gas trains for oven applications, semi-automatic and automatic, compliant with NFPA-86 and other applicable codes. Gas trains are engineered to accommodate your specific oven heating capacity, available gas pressures and safety requirements. The gas trains are available pre-piped, wired and tested; or as components for field assembly. Drawings are provided for installation and documentation.

Banner Day oven gas trains integrate with the Banner-Day PIP® Power Interruption Protection system when applied in conjunction with an oven’s DSI system.

Gas Train Includes:

  • Automatic or latch type gas safety shutoff valves and actuators with auxiliary switch(s)
  • Normally-open vent valve
  • Supervised OSHA vent valve shut-off cock
  • Valve Proving System (optional – alternate to normally-open vent valve)
  • High gas pressures switch manual reset (non-mercury)
  • Low gas pressure switch auto reset (non-mercury)
  • Main gas cock, full port ball type with lockout attachment
  • Service cock, full port ball type
  • Gas pressure gauge(s)
  • OSHA test cocks
  • Main gas pressure regulator (optional)
  • Gas line filter
  • Gas Meter with remote readout (optional )
  • Pre-Piped, Wired and Tested (optional)
  • Gas train schematic piping assembly drawing
  • Gas train schematic wiring diagram

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