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Burners are high capacity ribbon burners utilizing natural, propane, or manufactured gasses. Burners are available in various lengths and ribbon configurations with capacities from 200 to 3,000 BTUs per inch of burner flame space.

In addition to standard ribbon burners, multi-zone burners feature a manifold assembly that enables you to adjust and balance the lateral heat across the oven zone.

Complete burner assembly can include the following:

  • Heavy pipe ribbon burner
  • Multi-zone Lateral Heat Adjustment Assembly
  • Burner Head plate assembly with:
    • Igniter locking collar
    • Flame observation port
    • Headplate gasket
  • Air/gas mixer
  • 2-Way Orifice Cock
  • Burner mounted igniter “S” bracket
  • Igniter
  • Drip shield(s)

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