Banner-Day Pipe Heating

In the latest issue of Process Heating Mike Day, President of Banner-Day authored an interesting overview article describing what is impedance pipe heating.  Read the introduction to the article which follows:

PH0919 Banner Day Impedance Pipe Heating Tips

If you are not familiar with impedance pipe heating, you may not realize why it is an option for your next pipe heating application. Here is an overview of impedance pipe heating and 10 reasons to consider it.

"Impedance pipe heating? Yeah, heard of it. Not really sure what it is though.”

This response is heard too often when discussing available process pipe heating solutions. Impedance pipe heating is a long established and accepted — but poorly understood — pipe heating technology. While a simple, elegant way to heat a pipeline, impedance pipe heating technology often is viewed incorrectly and misunderstood as a method to heat process piping.

Once people learn how impedance heating works and the benefits its use brings, they are more than willing to adopt impedance pipe heating. In this article, I will provide an introduction to impedance pipe heating and offer 10 reasons to consider impedance pipe heating for your next pipe heating application.

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