Burner and Temperature Control can be easily obtained with a PLC and touch screen HMI. It eliminates the need for digital temperature controllers, pressure gauges, burner ignition switches and local LED indicators. The touch screen interface can be programmed to include all oven functions, such as:

Standard  Advanced 
  • Bake Time
  • Loader/unloader
  • Temperature settings
  • Oven Overview Display
  • Conveyor controls/interlocks
  • Product tracking
  • Recipe Control
  • Temperature Trending
  • Utility Trending
  • Tray Tracking
  • Alarm History
  • Oven Data Acquisition 

Other Features and Advantages

  • Oven gas train safety and purge circuits can be included with any central control panel.
  • Purge Circuit Control and Status Monitoring
  • Ability to cycle burners on/off in various stages from a common location.
  • Burner staging eliminates oven temperature override and flash heat in an empty oven.
  • Retrofit heating capacity upgrades to existing burners in a single zone or an entire oven.
  • Natural Gas savings up to 25% achieved by upgrading CSI systems to DSI systems.
  • CSI ignition systems upgrades to DSI systems achieve Electric savings up to 83% (100W per burner).
  • All Burners monitored are cycled up to three times prior to indicating burner failure.

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